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The law makes holding or using a cell phone while driving a PRIMARY OFFENSE– meaning an officer could pull someone over and ticket them for this offense.

Read the entire law here:

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, crashes are the leading cause of death for youth, ages 15-20. As members of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning Action Team for Young Drivers, we are committed to reducing teen injury and fatalities on our roads.  We believe one of the best ways to make this happen is to engage youth to lead this effort. Students understand the pressures they face when driving or riding in a car, which is why they should play an active role in helping each other stay safe. We work with students to give them the knowledge, skills and support they need to lead health & safety initiatives in their school and community. Check out some of these great examples of students helping their peers stay safe while driving. Contact us to schedule a training if you are concerned about safe driving at your school.

Driving Safety Training

Our driving safety training will prepare you to lead a safe driving campaign at your school. Topics can include seat belt use, drowsy, distracted, and impaired driving. Contact us to help save lives in your community.

Freeland High School SLS 2024

Arabella Glass, Mason Middle School

Arabella Glass, Mason Middle School

Distracted driving

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safe driving

Manchester High School

Texting and driving

Lakeland High School SLS Chapter

Marion High School SLS Chapter

Safe driving

FlexTech High School-Novi

Jillian, Marian High School

Driving Safety Resources


AAA has been helping people drive safely for over 100 years and they have great resources for teens and their parents.

Michigan State Police (MSP)

The crash rate for teens is 4x that of other drivers. The MSP can help you stay safe on the road.

Michigan State Police (MSP)

Visit MSP

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Most teen auto crashes are preventable. The CDC has proven strategies to improve your safety.

National Highway & Transportation Association

NHTSA works to eliminate risky behaviors on our nation’s roads.

National Highway & transportation Association (NHTSA)